Monday, November 30, 2009

Jobs in Pittsburgh

Far from Pittsburgh, but never away

I didn't come to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. And as much I as I wanted to be back in the 'Burgh for the weekend, it is clear that in my mind I've never really left. Where I am in physical space is irrelevant.

Sure, in Southern California, we play the Turkey Bowl on the beach, rotisserie our turkey outside while the early game plays, and let the kids swim while we get the table set for company. The temperature outside doesn't interfere with the way I see the world. The way I see the world is from the perspective of my upbringing.

Case in point: A morning in early November. I've made my coffee, kids are off to school and I'm hunched over the computer to work on my new projects, two set in Pittsburgh.

Both projects are not particularly fast-tracked due to their darker, realistic subject matter (one a contemporary look at gun and drug crime in Pittsburgh, the other a historical piece that traces the steel industry and coal industry and unionization in the 1890s). Out my home office window, a never-ending stream of Prius (Pri-i?), women in yoga gear and gardeners pass by. The mailman approaches, carrying his bundle of bills.

Which reminds me -- I should probably be writing scripts that actually pay.

My agents have sent over projects for hire -- but I can't seem to commit to sending a remake of "Oh, God" or "Look Who's Talking" back into the world, or somehow getting my hands on one of the second-tier superhero franchises (Flash, Flash Gordon, The Flash -- who knew they were different?).

What I write generally doesn't involve explosions, superhuman powers, high concepts or ticking clocks. What I write, usually, is set in Pittsburgh and is about what I remember and romanticize about my hometown.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Monday, August 3, 2009


There are many definitions of marketing. The better definitions are focused upon customer orientation and satisfaction of customer needs.
“ Marketing is the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others”
A good marketing plan can help you focus your energy and resources. But a plan created in a vacuum, based solely on your perceptions, does not advance the agenda. That's why market research, however simple or sophisticated, is important.

Just keep in mind that research attempts to predict the future by studying the past. It reveals what people have done, and extrapolates what people might do -- not what people will do.
Planning is imperative, research is important, but there's no substitute for entrepreneurial insight. After all, as Mark Twain wrote, "You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus".
“The all-embracing function that links the business with customer needs and wants in order to get the right product to the right place at the right time”
“The achievement of corporate goals through meeting and exceeding customer needs better than the competition”
“The management process that identifies, anticipates and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitably”
“Marketing may be defined as a set of human activities directed at facilitating and consummating exchanges”
Which definition is right? In short, they all are. They all try to embody the essence of marketing:
International MarketingCrossing is about meeting the needs and wants of customers;
Sales Marketing is a business-wide function – it is not something that operates alone from other business activities;
Marketing Management is about understanding customers and finding ways to provide products or services which customers demand.
Coverage in this part of the tutorial includes a close examination of the definition of MarketingCrossing. A dissection of the key terms in the definition will show that marketing’s primary focus is to identify and satisfy customers in a way that helps build a solid and, hopefully, sustained relationship that encourages customers to continue doing business with the marketer.
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Friday, October 31, 2008



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